Ladies and Gents!

It’s been a very long time since the last interview has been posted. I apologize for that as artist were interviewed by yours truly yet all of you wonderful people know nothing of the details. Over the past few weeks a team was formed, interviews took place, and new ideas have arisen. As a team our mantra now encompasis artiste interviews, up-to-date music news and suggestions, fashion, (in the near future) and social advocacy. In addition to music exclusives we will advocate for and address global and local issues such as human trafficking, sexual assault, abuse, demographic equality, etc. We will tell you about volunteering opportunities, resources and how you can be apart of a movement.

The blood of this unit is love. It is love that bonds us to our favourite musicians. It is love that they pour out onto each fan. Love does not have one solidarity form. It is vast, mysterious, yet clear. It causes the greatest joy yet deepest despair. As we know, it can be at times whimsical or frightening. This is a consortium that functions through the diversity of love, whether for music, social advocacy, both or even more.

These past seven weeks of silence is not because we have been inactive. It is because we have been in development of something better for all of you. We will be adding video segments that will include live performances, interviews and something special (tba). Our team will also take part in advocacy roles in Los Angeles and provide opportunities to be advocates in other parts of the world. We will post events that you all can take part in via the Twitter and Facebook pages. Information about concert dates, meet and greets and the sort will also be available via the social networking sites.
Til then.



From Ayoka Hall

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