Ladies and Gentleman. Before you see them live, you need to take a moment to gear up. Take a deep breath in. When you see them live you will know that the X Ambassadors are one of the greatest bands to blast into your soul with raw, uninhibited gold as the sun yet dark as life’s undeniable pains wrapped in the power and energy of an epic live performance.

The X Ambassadors is composed of Sam Harris, Casey Harris, Adam Levin, and Noah Feldshuh.

I had the wonderful opportunity to interview them, shown in the video below.

(I apologize for the quality of the footage.)


On a side note did you know that Sam played … Nevermind. It will be a surprise when you see them live.

Honestly, writing this is difficult because I just imagine how exceptional the show at the Bootleg Theater was and I am dying for them to return to Los Angeles.

When you listen to the Love Songs, Drug Songs and The Reason EP’s as an entire body of work you get chills. No. It’s like a fever in which you have chills associated to songs such as Litost however in reality you are passionately inflamed by their music just as overcoming that sickness that kept you down.

There is a sense of brotherhood within the members of the band that is present in the music. Sam and Casey Harris are actually brothers.  Their music is the community that we need to get out of the coma that stops us from moving beyond our wallowing struggle. We embrace our failures and continue even if it is terrifying.

If I were to choose one song to be the anthem for X Ambassadors it would be Giants. Okay it would be a split between The Business. In both tracks we deal with accepting that our life may not have turned out into what we aspired for it. As devastating as that is, it’s not the end of the world.  The lyrics in these songs are inspirational!

You can hear clips of the songs below.


The Business

This inspiration stems from a place of brokenness and pain. Through overcoming that darkness whether individually or as brethren, the strengthening sounds that is heard throughout the X Ambassadors’ music is formed. As a bone, once broken heal to become stronger, there is a power that is emulated from that strength into something that moves people, something that establishes a support system in fans giving the sense that you will get through it and you will not be alone.

It was an extraordinary show in which I build in up in excitement recollecting it.



(Sorry for the poor video quality.)


The Reason Tour (Spring 2014) is over but I bet they will have a new tour soon. I am excited to see them perform again. Until then we can all buy their music (http://www.xambassadors.com) and watch youtube videos of them.






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