About two years ago Zach, Dillon, John and Matt stepped onto the music scene as Max and the Moon. They released a few tracks, a few music videos and then some. As you will find out in the interview some of these tracks have been ‘reclaimed’, reworked and gilded into something more meaningful and representative of who the band is. Yes, so for all of the fans screaming, “Where has all their music gone!!!” There’s a reason for that.

MATM sounds like all of the excitement and adventure of a California summer yet posses universal themes lyrically illustrative and relatable to people all over the world. This SoCal band is wonderful to see live and were a delight to meet.


Max and the Moon is like a piece of California sunshine and nostalgia of the 60’s that sings out the dreams of lovers lost in the set up of today. This can be heard in songs such as ‘Mexico‘.

Mexico is a song about young love in it’s blissful moments, heated incidents and the occasional long term revelling in the memories that made the entire relationship worthwhile. You can hear ‘Mexico’ along with other tracks from their ‘Crazy’ EP here.

Max and the Moon Crazy EP Soundcloud


I feel as though they are in this state of honing into the surreal qualities that makes Max and the Moon one of the best up and coming bands to go see. Fans can obviously tell as they have been booked for several shows since this year’s concert season doing local shows, SXSW and a secret performance for Sofar Sounds. They have many dates lined up this summer and will be at Make Music Pasadena.

They’re a great band and they are charismatic guys. They are one of the talented bands to look forward to!



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