Fall Intinerary

Starting in September we will begin regulating when and how articles will be released.


Interviews or reviews will be released on either Wednesday or Friday of each week.

Throwback Video Thursday is every Thursday.  As the title indicates. If you have a suggestion for your favourite Throwback then please email us at noirstrassenmusic@gmail.com.

Acoustic Sunday is apparently a thing so we will share really amazing acoustic tracks or videos out there in the realm of music every second and fourth Sunday of the month.

Sunday will also be the release of our weekly calendar. If you want to know about upcoming events in Los Angeles such as, concerts, night riding parties, exclusive events, and more, check in the calendar section. We will also have a monthly calendar available on the lower right corner of the page.

Periodically we will tell you about events throughout California, the East Coast, the UK and Jamaica.

Throughout the week we continue to post music and information as we discover it so always check in and see what’s new.

Articles that are not specifically music related will be posted in Lurk, i.e. cars, sex, fashion, food, travel, police brutality in America, you name it.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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