Come Along Throwback Video Thursday

In this world of dating in LA I found myself asking several questions.
Do I want you to make love to me and be gentle and sweet? Does my persona transpire ‘fuck me dirty’ into the atmosphere so you whisper filthy things and grab my neck with passion and force? Sometimes you meet whom you think is the right person, or at least your the right person for them and they’re seemingly the right person for you but it doesn’t progress in the way that you hope. You might find yourself, driving and screaming out the world, ” Would you love me if I was gone?” “Would you like me if I was young?” “Would you kiss me if I was wrong?” or “Would you fuck me if I was strong?” You will eventually realize that you are singing the lyrics to a Dear Boy song.

With lyrics that also consist of “Take them off. All your clothes and all your questions.”,  sometimes I have to wonder if an important part of my life has become that Dear Boy song.

Of all of them it has become this one.


They will be performing on September 18th with another band whom we interviewed Fenech-Soler in San Francisco.

This event is presented by Popscene and takes place at Rickshaw Stop.

Purchase your tickets for the show via this link Dear Boy and Fenech-Soler Tickets.

It is a pleasure to announce that the DEAR BOY INTERVIEW with BEN GREY will be released next Wednesday.




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