Alex Isley

With her soulful voice and loving spirit it is hard to not become overwhelmed with Alex Isley’s aura. Her spirit is the embodiment of the joys love can bring. Joys that are manifested only when experiencing love when it’s bright and beautiful and when it’s dark and it hurts. The full joy of understanding and appreciating love. This all translates into her artistry as not only an R&B performer, but a musician of soul.

With many influences from renowned artist over her lifetime such as the Isley Brothers (as her name may suggest),  Aretha Franklin, Faith Evans, Sade, Michael Jackson, Lauryn Hill, Mos Def, The Neptunes, Adele, Brandy, Musiq Soulchild, Anthony Hamilton, and so many more  it is a delight to see her embrace music akin to her predecessors and become an embodiment of soul music.

This image is what you may picture when you listen to Alex Isley.



Okay. So you may not picture this exactly. However you can find out how this picture was created and exactly how reflective of Alex it really is.

We had the amazing opportunity to interview her at the Bootleg Theater! We are happy to present this interview to you.

Thank you Alex!


You can check out her music via soundcloud and keep post on all things Alex Isley via Facebook and Twitter.



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