Lovelife: The Roxy Theatre (Support from Olivver & Raw Fabrics)

On Thursday September 18th the people of Los Angeles went to church as The Roxy Theatre became a house of musical worship.

The entire show was fire!

Many of you are wondering, “Who’s the hot guy with the hat playing bass?”
According to Lee, he told the crowd that the handsome gentleman is Nick, their translater. You know, like of American terminology such as ‘dude’.
Nick is fantastic. Lovelife should keep him.

Raw Fabrics

Raw Fabrics started service in a kick ass way. Their performance was too damn good for words.

They were in the middle of the crowd as the epitome of modern LA punk rock, jamming out like it was a radical rock and roll drum circle. In this case, a guitar circle.


The excitement for each time Olivver performs continues to grow. This has been his strongest performance yet. He opened up to the crowd about several songs including his latest release ‘Not Going Home’ which is about the time after he left a band that we all know and love.

He was seen outside after the show taking photos and making videos for a line of eager fans that opened their hearts out to him akin to how he shared a deep part of himself with the audience that night.

The love from his fans and supporters has never waned as he continues to inspire everyone via his amazing performances.


First off. They performed ‘NOVA’ for the first time.

The performed ‘Stateless’ for the first time.

Of course they had everyone’s favourite song.

All of this happened ladies and gents! In the house of electronic gospel.

People were lined up outside about 2 hours before doors to see Raw Fabrics, Olivver and Lovelife. The venue was packed. Everybody and their Momma was there.

The Roxy show was the best performance of all of the musicians.

Stay posted on upcoming Raw Fabrics and Olivver news, shows, videos, reviews, interviews, etc.

Lovelife goes on tour with Alt-J this October. Tickets for the SoCal shows are sold out! You can definitely still scalp them somewhere online though.

Til then.


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