Presenting 101 by toni g. ht studios “Captures your time, stimulate your sight, tease your mind.”


You are invited to 101, an exciting art gallery event curated by toni g.

toni g is a creative director and photographer.  She shot over 30 women for this show.

“Each women had their heads covered in lace as I captured a tight frame of the hidden beauty in each of them and then each women wore panty hose as I captured a tight shot of the legs in different positions.  I am hanging all the heads on one wall and all the legs on another .as a viewer you try to figure out who’s legs go with what face.  I wanted to create a show that brought the viewer in; tapping into more then just their sense of sight.”

When: October 1st  2014 8pm-12am (why the show is called 101)

The gallery will be up for display through the 8th.

Where: 7030 Melrose blvd (Live Astro is a urban clothing designer. I will be occupying his store front)

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