Cascading The Gray Dream: Interview with Gallant

Have you ever wished that you knew about the Weeknd when he was an up and coming youtube star with gut wrenching, sex inducing dark RnB?

To you remember the first time you heard Banks and connected to the isolation in her lyrics as it reflected your own?

Has your love life and life in general hit you so deeply that you were in another dimension as though you were listening to JSMN?

Gallant is cut from a cloth akin to Banks, JMSN and The Weeknd. This ability to channel inner turmoil, isolation and crippling darkness into something artistic something that not many artist can translate into a visual and auditory masterpiece as Gallant.

As you may have realized, we live at the Bootleg Theater. It should not be a surprise that when Gallant was scheduled to perform at our favourite LA venue we absolutely had do an interview with him.



The video referenced in the interview is for Gallant’s song, ‘Please?’ Produced by Felix Snow which can be seen below.


Gallant is a great artist. It is highly recommended that you familiarize yourself with his music and enjoy his live performances.

Til then,





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