Throwback Video Thursday: The Neighbourhood “Sweater Weather.”

Ladies and Gentlemen. It was a year ago, on this date, that I saw The Neighbourhood live at the Palladium. This was after months of listening to their music. Discovering a whole new world through the brilliant and talented musicians that toured with them and ultimately discovering who I was as a person. There is one song that started this incrediable journey.

This Throwback Video Thursday is dedicated to The Neighbourhood, and all of the people in their lives that made them the band that they are.

The band that sounds so much like Southern California and they should be our unofficial postcard.

They are the reason why Noir Strassen Magazine exist. It would be an honor to feature and interview them on this site one day.

I present to you three videos of the one song that started it all for Noir Strassen Magazine.

Sweater Weather Live at the Palladium


The Original Sweater Weather Music Video

Getting a little nostalgic and teary eyed watching version. The memories.


The Grand Finale


Have a wonderful Thursday. You can find other live performances of the Neighbourhood from that night on the Noir Strassen Youtube page.

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