Marley Natural Fine Cannabis

Marley Natural’s Fine Cannabis will provide the first international marijuana brand herb shipping Jamaican grown weed (best marijuana in the world; THE WORLD) to countries that have decriminalizing ganja laws.

Basically they are doing the same thing as everyone else; distributing weed from Jamaica to other parts of the world. Yes, people still sneak pocket weed through the airport. It’s actually not difficult. (Think about it.)

They are fighting global prohibition of marijuana as North Korea and Uruguay are the only two nations where marijuana is completely legal. Therefore The Netherlands, Portugal, USA, Jamaica, in your bedroom, inside the basement, at an outdoor indie-hipster-metal-rock-rap-grunge-blah-blah-blah concert, it is simply decriminalized or publicly tolerated.

Marley Natural will provide herb, topicals, and accessories starting late next year.

Here are their official commercials and mission statement.



If late 2015 is too long before your next epic high then it is suggested that you jump on a plane or cruise to Jamaica and block off one week for the three day highs that you will indulge in repeatedly.



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