Can I Dance With Random People Now? My 30 Day Challenge for UpRising Yoga.


(Pictured above, Noir Strassen Magazine’s Creator Ashaki Ayoka)

30 Day Challenge

We invite you to RISE UP for 2015! We created a New Year’s resolution that helps those that need it most. When you choose to either donate the cost of one yoga class, about $20 or commit to a UpRising Yoga’s 30 Day Challenge and ask for pledges to raise funds, you show that every life matters because you chose to take an affirmative action that impacts the lives of people in at risk communities, to help bring yoga as a healing force into the community, Juvenile Halls, Schools to HEAL incarcerated, foster kids and sexually exploited children.

Your 30 day challenge can come in any form; it’s your challenge and your choice. You can choose to do yoga for 30 days. You can choose to run a mile each day, go to 30 concerts in 30 days or share 30 jokes. You can even choose to hug a stranger or two each day for 30 days. It’s really up to you.

We have the capacity to help bring healing into many lives.  This is a resolution worth sticking to by extending our love onto kids that need it most. Sometimes that love is shared by contributing to someone who thought the world forgot about them.

There are many ways to combat human trafficking. So stand in solidarity with everyone that fights against human trafficking and other crimes against humanity this New Year. Your 30 day fundraiser campaign will aid the mission of UpRising Yoga; to bring yoga to incarcerated youth and communities that need it most.

Join us for our 30 Day Challenge or Donate the Price of a class $20 (or more) to build a better future.

Here is a message from UpRising Yoga’s Founder Jill Ippolito.

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