New Artist Alert!!!! Stefan Pruett

Hey Ladies and Gents!

In our first official post of 2015 we bring you a brand new artist from Carefree, Arizona! I do not make this up! The truth of life is so much more interesting than fiction. His name is Stefan Pruett.

Stefan has had three open heart surgeries in his youth due to being born with a congenital heart defect. He fell in love with music through basketball incidentally. Wonder what he thinks of High School Musical?

Given the circumstance of his life Stefan continues to have a child like quality to that resonates well with his ‘Carefree’ origins. ‘“The heart condition is weirdly empowering,” Pruett reflects. Not to sound cliché, but because of my condition and having a pacemaker, I felt like I was on the clock literally. I felt I had no other choice but to be positive, be fearless about living life and imbue that into my music.”’ (

Stefan’s ‘Carefree’ sounds like Owl City in a childhood dream like quality. It’s music that you’re younger self would have slumber parties to when you lay down in your sleeping bag and look at the glow in the dark stars on your neighbour’s ceiling. It’s music made for your mind and body to dance to. Stefan describes his music as darkwave pajama pop.

Here is his first track, ‘Carefree’. We look forward to more music from Stefan later this year.

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