From Juvenile Hall to Yoga Teacher

10680046_759969770743202_1096964167596864971_o (1)

This incredible backbend is one of UpRising Yoga’s former students from Juvenile Hall. She has been doing yoga every day since her first class with UpRising Yoga in juvenile hall and wants to become a yoga teacher!

Uprising Yoga is offering her the chance to become a 200 hour RYT yoga teacher by funding the $2,900 worth of training with your help!

Your tax deductible donation of any amount goes directly to creating such career pathways for this student, and many others we are able to fund. Our goal is 5 students X $2,900 for a total of $14,500!

The actions of UpRising Yoga has created a family of support for incarcerated youth. This is a family in which the kids are aware that everyone cares about them and always will, inside and outside of the four walls where many of them did not have hope.

Please join us in our support of our youth that needs a chance at a meaningful career. Any amount goes directly to funding these students’ training. Like Share Donate

Please click here to support and donate via GOFUNDME DONATION.

Photo by Robert Sturman at Los Angeles Central Juvenile Hall 

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