Alex Isley

With her soulful voice and loving spirit it is hard to not become overwhelmed with Alex Isley’s aura. Her spirit is the embodiment of the joys love can bring. Joys that are manifested only when experiencing love when it’s bright and beautiful and when it’s dark and it hurts. The full joy of understanding and appreciating love. This all translates into her artistry as not only an R&B performer, but a musician of soul. With many influences from renowned artist over her lifetime such as the Isley Brothers (as her name may suggest),  Aretha Franklin, Faith Evans, Sade, Michael Jackson, … Continue reading Alex Isley

QVALIA Q & A (Interview with Michael Hazani, songwriter and lead singer in QVALIA)

What does QVALIA mean and how was it decided upon as your band name?   QVALIA is a Latinized stylization of the word Qualia, which means “the internal and subjective component of sense perceptions”. It’s basically the difference between the way you and I perceive the color red, or warm summer rain, or the taste of salt.   After graduating from college and moving to NYC, I spent four years writing music for commercials, indie films, music libraries and other artists. QVALIA, is the contrast to all of that. It’s the sense of personal experience, an individual musical expression. It’s … Continue reading QVALIA Q & A (Interview with Michael Hazani, songwriter and lead singer in QVALIA)


  About two years ago Zach, Dillon, John and Matt stepped onto the music scene as Max and the Moon. They released a few tracks, a few music videos and then some. As you will find out in the interview some of these tracks have been ‘reclaimed’, reworked and gilded into something more meaningful and representative of who the band is. Yes, so for all of the fans screaming, “Where has all their music gone!!!” There’s a reason for that. MATM sounds like all of the excitement and adventure of a California summer yet posses universal themes lyrically illustrative and … Continue reading MAX AND THE MOON


If the Aurora Borealis had a dance party over Iceland, the California Redwoods, Las Vegas, and Montreal yet they were all interconnected in spirit and energy it would sound like Fenech-Soler. Previously performing with Banks and City and Colour in LA we met them at Satellite in Silverlake, music’s trendiest area, for their third show. They headlined at the Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco earlier that month. They may be new to the west coast yet they have developed a strong following with song requests and familiar faces present for their last performance before going back to the UK. Indicative … Continue reading Fenech-Soler


Ladies and Gentleman. Before you see them live, you need to take a moment to gear up. Take a deep breath in. When you see them live you will know that the X Ambassadors are one of the greatest bands to blast into your soul with raw, uninhibited gold as the sun yet dark as life’s undeniable pains wrapped in the power and energy of an epic live performance. The X Ambassadors is composed of Sam Harris, Casey Harris, Adam Levin, and Noah Feldshuh. I had the wonderful opportunity to interview them, shown in the video below. (I apologize for … Continue reading X AMBASSADORS


(Left to Right: Jamie Leffler, Jerrod Bettis, Robert Cepeda, Chris Sanchez) From Silverlake to Santa Ana stretches an emission of musical SMOG composed of sounds as diverse as the cultures and genres of the artist found there. An osmotic cloud of sounds in which somewhere within this cloudy membrane we find the cerebral dream-pop group DWNTWN representing influences of folk in one lightning flash then expounds in a rain of electronic synth-pop notes. This past week DWNTWN found a calm within this eclectic sound cloud to answer a Q&A for you fans out there. NS: Which type of music did all of … Continue reading DWNTWN Q&A


Resemblant a phoenix emerging from the rubble of their musical history in London the relatively new band Lovelife has traversed the underground music scene with their emotions written in their lyrics and their attitudes in their beats. Their music is lattice of moody synth-pop rhythms, a hint of neo soul and a bit of angst. Lovelife is steadily making the climb from unknown to top five on the music charts. They’re slowly creeping into your living room, your radio and into your soul as they give listeners a piece of theirs in songs like Your New Beloved and Dying to … Continue reading Who is LOVELIFE?

Tapioca and the Flea

Tapioca and the Flea invites you party with them. Their music is so exclusive that you need to see them live listen to all of their tracks as their brilliant beats can be heard nowhere else. With the exception of ‘Mellotron’ which is available for free download on their official site. Get on the guest-list and join a band with music so contagious and uplifting that you could be as emotionless as stone and they will still have you moving three minutes later. With TATF you’re welcomed to chill with them, drink with them, and laugh with them. As a, … Continue reading Tapioca and the Flea