Throwback Video Thursday: Madonna ‘Like A Virgin’ & ‘Justify My Love’

Sometimes your body disowns you to the point that if you ask your Bits, “What is your name?”, it would respond in a dazed manner, “The fuck if I know.” After the emancipation of innocence you have to embrace the badness because telling your body to calm the fuck down and stop thirst’n is a greater pain. This week’s Throwback Video Thursday. Continue reading Throwback Video Thursday: Madonna ‘Like A Virgin’ & ‘Justify My Love’

Maudlin Strangers Bootleg Theater Residency

Monday nights in August belong to Maudlin Strangers via their four night residency at The Bootleg Theater. We’ve seen them perform every night of their residency so far and have not been encouraged to stop. Their vibe is like the sweet indulgence of lustful badness in it’s purity meets Coldplay. Two nights remain with Dorothy and The Gromble performing on August 18th; DJ set by Lincoln Jesser. Tapioca and The Flea and Olivver whom will be performing for the first time since declaring himself a solo artist (relatively, he performed Exhaler twice with Lovelife) are supporting on August 25th. Sets by  DJ Beef that night.   … Continue reading Maudlin Strangers Bootleg Theater Residency

Echo Park Rising

Echo Park Rising is a free 3 Day event taking place August 15th to 17th throughout the Echopark, Silverlake area. Some of the artist performing include Tapioca and the Flea whom we interviewed, Babies on Acid, Goldlink, Bon Fire Beach, Silver Hands and more. Here is the Saturday Set Time and Line Up!   More set times and performance locations are available on   P.S. You’ll probably find a better hookup than Tinder there. At least that person loves music. Continue reading Echo Park Rising

Pre-Broccoli City Festival LA

We are honoured to provide coverage of this year’s Broccoli City Festival LA. There will be many opportunities to learn about how you can be environmentally conscious. There will be many vendors offering great food.  Participants can partake in free dance classes and embrace in the melting pot of this event music. Music is what brings us together and connects a healthy environment and body to our mind. We hope to see some of you there. Stay posted for after the event for interviews and coverage. Continue reading Pre-Broccoli City Festival LA